200 Motels (1971)

Apparently a lot of people think that the movie 200 Motels (1971) shows what it is like to take LSD. If so, I’m sure glad I never dropped any acid, because then I would have been bored.

Alternatively, some people say that this is the movie to watch while you are tripping out on acid. Well, if you have to watch a movie like this to enjoy being on LSD, it’s not worth it.

Speaking of drugs, if you have ever been around some people who are drunk or on drugs and think that everything they say or do is just hilarious, then you know what it is like to watch this movie. The problem is not that the potty-mouth humor is not funny, which would be bad enough, but that the people in the movie obviously think they are being so cute and clever and witty, and that makes the movie especially irritating.

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