Boudu Saved from Drowning (1932)


I suppose Boudu Saved from Drowning is a funny movie, if your idea of funny is someone behaving in an atrocious manner, while those around him keep letting him get away with it. The title character is saved from drowning (attempted suicide), and he is taken into the home of the bookseller who saved him. He then proceeds to deliberately wreck everything he comes into contact with, while exhibiting disgusting mannerisms. Thirty minutes into the film, you’ll wish the bookseller had let him drown. Forty minutes in, and you’ll be ready to hold his head under the water until he quits struggling.

The bookseller’s wife is a sourpuss, so Boudu rapes her and puts a smile on her face. I felt like a sourpuss watching this movie, and I felt violated by it. But unlike the wife, I did not smile.

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