That Obscure Object of Desire (1977)

I always knew I was not good with faces, but I didn’t realize just how bad I was until I watched That Obscure Object of Desire. It was only after I finished watching the movie and read a review on it that I found out that Conchita was played by two different actresses, Carole Bouquet and Angela Molina, in regularly alternating scenes. Once I read that, I could immediately remember the difference, though I had not noticed it at the time. In fact, there was even a scene in which a third woman, who happened to also be a brunette, made an appearance, and I thought she was Conchita too. Apparently the purpose was to have one actress play Conchita when she wants to have sex and the other actress when she does not.

Anyway, we see some terrorism.

Then, Mathieu (Fernando Rey), a middle-aged man, tries to seduce Conchita, his maid, on her first day on the job, which is creepy (today we would call it sexual harassment). She quits as a result, but he keeps pursuing her (today we would call it stalking).

And then we see some more terrorism.

Our disgust for him as a lecher soon turns to pity, because she keeps egging him on, promising, enticing, getting naked, rubbing her body on him, but he must not have sex with her, because she is virgin and she is saving herself for him and that ought to be enough for him and besides, what kind of girl does he think she is anyway?

More terrorism.

The movie proves there is no fool like an old fool, because he buys her a house to win her love, but she locks him out and has sex with her lover while he watches from outside.

You guessed it, some more terrorism.

He finally gets fed up and says he knows God will never forgive her. But then he forgives her, and they get back together. But wait! They start arguing again. Suddenly a bomb goes off in the marketplace blowing them to bits.

Thank goodness for terrorism.

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