Maniac (1934)

As usual with exploitation films, Maniac presents us with unmotivated spectacle supposedly justified as educational: different kinds of mental illness are described in captions, followed by disconnected scenes of nudity and gore, such as a man popping out a cat’s eyeball and eating it as a tasty morsel.

The reason the impersonator of a mad scientist ate the cat’s eyeball was that the cat ate the heart that was going to be used to bring the real mad scientist back to life after the impersonator shot him because the mad scientist wanted him to commit suicide so that he could bring him back to life and show the world. Of course, the mad scientist had already brought a woman back to life earlier that evening by injecting super adrenaline into her body in the morgue, but that did not seem to be enough for one day.

We get to see the woman stripped almost completely naked and raped by a patient who is accidentally given a shot of the super adrenaline while under the delusion that he is the orangutan in “Murders in the Rue Morgue.” She was pretty good looking too, which was why the two workers in the morgue were glad to have her body when she was first brought in.

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