Below is a list of essays I have written under the category of Culture, with the more recent ones listed first, including links to those essays.

Rape Is about Sex
Consensual Sex and the Double Standard
On the Significance and Function of Holidays
On Whether a Dishwasher Is a Luxury or a Necessity
Warren Buffett Predicts Dow 1,000,000 in 100 Years
“Morning Joe” Needs a Divorce
The Return of Torture
English for the Twenty-First Century
On the Need to Waste Food and a Suggestion as a Way to Eliminate That Need
Patriotism and Justice
On the Segregation of the Sexes
The Final Solution
An Unfair Conversation
On the Need for Separate Restrooms
Blaming the Victim
Disease Etiquette
Has No Always Meant No?
The Phenomenology of Guns
On the Need for Society’s Approval in Matters of Love
On the Failure of New Year’s Resolutions
Reflections on the Trojan Horse
The Holidays with My Favorite Gold Digger
When It Is Truly Better to Give Than to Receive
Speaking about the Speaker
The Final Phase of Feminism
How Same-Sex Marriage Would Have Resolved a $22,222.22 Moral Dilemma
On the Need to Reform Our Present System of Naming Children

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