Movie Themes

Below is a list of essays I have written concerning movies connected by a common theme, along with links to them.

Atheists in American Movies
Religious Movies for Atheists
Movies about Life after Death
When Is a Good Man not a Good Man? When He Is a Family Man.
Why Isn’t There a Children’s Day?
The Perfect War for an Antiwar Movie
Domestic Violence in the Movies
Heaven in the Movies
Hollywood vs. Abortion
Labor Unions and the Movies
Moses Movies
Movie Marijuana
Movies That Might Have Been
New World Order Movies
On the Effect of the Supernatural in Horror Movies
On the Rehabilitation of Judas
Rape and Race in the Movies
The Evolution of Torture in the Movies

The Head and the Heart
The Hopeless Gunman
Why I Hate Quantum Mechanics

Child-Molester Movies (Pre-1968)


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