Below are essays I have written under the category of Politics, beginning with the more recent ones, along with links to them.

Prognostications on the Deficit
Truth, Reality, and Ideology
Death and Taxes
Newspeak at the CDC
The Philosophy of Doing Nothing
Is Hate Innate?
Musings on the Market
Is Trump the Modern David?
Starting a War Sure Makes People Feel Good
Liberty versus Happiness
On the Likelihood of Impeachment
Great Progress Has Been Made Regarding Israel
The People Must Never Know
On the Irrational Nature of Voting
The Wall Is Dead
The Lies That No One Believes
“Of All the Gin Joints….”
Blaming the Victim or Counseling Prudence?
On Donald Trump’s Threat
When Is a Religion Not a Religion?
On the Distinction between Civilians and the Military
MyRA, My Ass
Deconstructing the Look on Ben Carson’s Face
On the Need for Public Displays of Grief
A Social Security Miscellany
On the Efficacy of the Will
On the Question of Fetal Pain

Reflections of a Moneylender

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